When you see someone who is working on themselves, let them;
if there is a person that wants to make their life more enriched, let them;
perhaps you are personally linked to someone that is on a journey of self-fulfillment or self-enlightenment, reach out in encouragement;
if you see someone grinding for their goals, let them;
if you see someone else doing

    a n y t h i n g

that involves the intake of nourishment to their psyche, don’t interfere
unless you have some source of light as an addendum, and if you are on the same journey, reach out, as long as your intentions are pure.

Give people the space that they need to grow within their own limits. This is their journey, let them make the rules and represent themselves to you as the being they intend to be.

People change all the time. With the right amount of time and dedicated work, change is possible.

It takes a courageous person to want to be a better version of themselves, to understand that there is no one trick to the process and that it is a forever kind of thing. It takes work to gut yourself to rewire yourself, and to release your old ways to relearn how to respond, speak, think. It’s an ugly and difficult journey, one that should ideally be free from discernment.



Every day I challenge you to mind your own journey. I challenge you to affirm daily that thou shall stayeth in thy own lane and build vs. destroy. Let’s allow the Phoenix to burn itself to ashes and rebuild from those same ashes, fresh and anew. Let a New Year come every day, p.r.n. Let’s allow the larva to become a pupa, hibernate for (time undetermined) and blossom into a beautiful multi-colored adult.

Then we all win.