who are you?

I’m not always nice. I have a mean streak that I inherited from my grandmothers. I have a socially extroverted personality that I inherited from my father. I’ve got the patience of one that is not quite a saint, that I inherited from my mother. I’ve got legs so long I can walk on the moon (“moonwalker”), says my paternal grandfather. I’m her baby if you ask my maternal grandmother. I’ve got a firm hand that is a bit bossy sometimes. I’m kindhearted but guarded. I’ve got a head full of hair that I’d rather not do daily so I keep it protected and opt for more time efficient hairstyles. I’ve got a mind that just won’t quit, but I sleep well at night. I dream in vivid colors but prefer to surround myself with minimalist neutral patterns. Beautiful aesthetics are inspiring to me, whether it comes from nature or by design. I’ve got many passions, some so wild I can’t hold onto them. I’m on a journey of self-exploration and realizing many things about myself that feel like home.

I’m a writer. I’m a perpetual student. I’m a lover. I’m a mother, friend, daughter, sister, cousin. I’m am not who I was, and I am not who I’m going to be. But I am enjoying the simplistically complex journey that is guiding me there.