dear future husband…

I wonder what your hand will feel like in mine. Or how they feel when you’re rubbing my shoulders. I wonder what your voice sounds like in the morning. Which makes me wonder if your morning breath will be atrocious or just bearable enough. I wonder if we think about each other at the same time. I wonder if you get lost in the moon the same way I do. At the same time as I do.

I pray for you.

I want to lay around and talk until the wee hours of the morning about things that matter to only us. And have inside jokes that make us erupt in laughter at any given time. I want to travel as far and as much as we can. I want to have healthy fights that help us understand each other more and not rip us apart. I want your soul to speak the same language as mine. I want to grow together I want to be best friends.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Sometimes, I’m too indecisive from fear of making the wrong decision, even when I know it’ll be good for me. Or because I wonder how everyone around me will be affected. One of my biggest fears is watching everything falling apart around me. Please, help guide me through these roadblocks. I want you seasoned with life experience, humbled and complete in love. Ready for me.

Thank you.